Crownline Model Reviews

“Crownline’s E23 XS offers aggressive handling with the looks to match.”


See the review on our NEW E23 XS by Boating Magazine!         Put aside the style and the long list of standards and remember this: ­Crownline’s E23 XS is pure fun to drive. Sure, our test boat’s whisper-quiet Mercury 250 Verado had something to do with it, but the true magic is in Crownline’s [...]

Crownline’s Popular 285 SS


For those who want a boat that can be a place to relax under the sun, comfortably hang out with friends and can provide the thrill of water sports, there’s the Crownline 285 Super Sport. One of Crownline’s most popular boats, the 285 SS is a large runabout that is sleek, stylish and sporty while also [...]

01/05/17 Crownline’s Sporty and Roomy E6 XS


If you think a sleek and sporty boat can’t also be spacious and comfortable, you haven’t seen Crownline’s E6 XS. This versatile cross sport is as suited for a day spent cruising and lounging with friends as it is for an exciting day of waterskiing or wakeboarding. Heartland Boating summed it up best when they described the [...]

10/27/16 Attractive, Sporty Crownline 215 SS


With its stylish, sleek profile, Crownline’s 215 SS is a strikingly attractive boat. But its looks don’t tell the whole story. Take a deeper look at this super sport and you’ll find it has the substance to match its style. The F.A.S.T Tab hull, comfortable seating and layout, obsessive attention to detail and abundance of amenities [...]

08/25/16 Introducing The Crownline E1 XS


Packed with amenities and designed to maximize space and comfort, the new Crownline E1 XS is built for fun and excitement. This new addition to Crownline’s Eclipse series is like a sports car on the water that will provide you and your friends with fun-filled days spent waterskiing and wakeboarding. The E-1 XS has both front and [...]

06/02/16 Crownline’s 286 SC: Perfect for Summer


With summer fast approaching, you need the right boat to squeeze the most out of boating’s best season. A great performer packed with comfortable amenities for relaxing onboard and a luxurious cabin for overnighting, the Crownline 286 SC is ideal for both summer days and nights on the water. The 286 SC is set up for [...]

05/02/16 Crownline 270SS in Boating World


CROWNLINE’S NEW 270SS IS A PREMIUM BOWRIDER THAT PUNCHES YOUR FIRST-CLASS TICKET TO FUN. The United States has about 300 lakes larger than 10,000 acres. That works out to an average of six per state, and all of them offer outstanding recreational boating. To take full advantage of them, however, you need a boat that can [...]

04/29/16 Crownline E4 XS in Muskoga Life


Since the first bowrider rolled out the factory doors on March 25, 1991, Southern Illinois based Crownline Boats has grown to become one of North America’s best-known fiberglass boat brands. Today, the company offers a diverse lineup of more than 30 different models including bowriders, cuddy cabins, cruisers and small yachts. While it has long been associated with [...]

04/05/16 The Uncompromising Crownline 335 SS


Too often when picking out a boat, you are forced to compromise. If you want a boat that is sporty, you’re probably going to sacrifice space and amenities. If you want a boat that is spacious and comfortable, you’re likely going to sacrifice agility and performance. BUT YOU DON’T ALWAYS HAVE TO COMPROMISE. A prime example [...]