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Visiting Lake Okaboji

Iowa gets a bad wrap when it comes to boating. Sandwiched between two big boating states, it’s easy to see how people view Iowa as the middle child of Midwest water fun. However, a few particularly fun lake and river communities offer a variety of aquatic options for the Hawkeye State. The most popular of these communities is undoubtedly Lake [...]

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Boater’s Fuel Saving Guide

Like any fuel-running vehicle, it’s important to know the most efficient and economical way to keep your Crownline gassed up and ready to go. Boating’s about being on the water and having a blast, not about fueling up or waiting in long lines. Follow these suggestions and enjoy saving time and money at the pump, so you can spend more [...]

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Best Tow Toys

Going Crazy with Tow Toys Having an outrageous tow toy is a surefire way to attract a crowd on the lake. Everyone loves a sweet tube or a crazy tow disk, and you don’t need much skill to use them. Tow toys are growing in popularity and mid-summer is the perfect time to discover and purchase the coolest ones on [...]

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Best River Towns

We love our lakes and oceans, and it’s easy to get caught up in these larger bodies of water, but this week is all about appreciating a few of our favorite river towns. River towns are known for their distinctive charm and fun way of life. From quaint villages to industrial mega-cities, river towns come in a wide variety of [...]

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The Joy of Dog Ramps

The Joy of Dog Ramps - Boating with your dog is a simple pleasure that’s a joy for any family. What’s better than hitting the water in a Crownline with your most loyal companion by your side? We’ve posted blogs about the importance of dog safety while boating, including tips like keeping plenty of water around, providing sun protection, and having [...]

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4th of July Fireworks on the Water

The Fourth of July is made for boating. No other holiday lends itself to boating quite like Independence Day does. Sitting at the peak of the summer, the Fourth is often the most fun day of the year. There is always plenty of boats on the water and people are sure to be in a great mood. It’s the perfect [...]

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