How Boaters Can Reduce Fuel Use

Fuel economy is one of the biggest concerns among boaters. Yet, much of a boat’s fuel usage is dictated by a boater’s own behavior.

Boaters can do many things on their own to cut down on fuel usage. Here are a few of them.

  • Don’t idle. Boaters tend to spend a lot of time idling at the dock; this just wastes fuel. Shut off the engine if you’re not moving.
  • Slow down. Boaters like to move fast on the water, but going slow reduces fuel usage.
  • Check your propeller. A damaged propeller will sap your boat’s fuel efficiency. Check your prop for any dings and dents. Also, make sure your prop is the right match for your boat.
  • Get a tune-up. Make sure your boat’s engine is maintained regularly to keep it running at its best.
  • Keep your boat clean. Growth on your hull like barnacles and algae can be a drain on your boat’s speed and efficiency.
  • Lighten your load. The more weight on your boat, the more fuel it has to burn. Don’t keep a lot of unnecessary items onboard, and look for ways to lighten the weight on your boat.
  • The right boat matters. Crownline’s patented F.A.S.T. Tab hull is one of the most fuel-efficient hulls in the industry, so it saves fuel on the water (and cash at the pump).