Sun Protection Tips for Boaters

Whether we’re enjoying an afternoon of wakeboarding, cruising with friends or just laying out to catch some rays, us boaters love being out in the sunshine.

Of course, too much of anything can be harmful, and too much sun exposure can be bad for our skin. The solution isn’t to stay indoors. Instead, it’s to take the proper precautions so we can enjoy the sun while keeping our skin safe. Here’s how.

  • Use good lotions that will protect your skin from the sun’s Ultraviolet rays. Sunblock acts as a shield against UV rays, while sunscreen should be applied several minutes before sun exposure and has a chemical that absorbs UV rays. Make sure to reapply lotion regularly.
  • Good clothing, such as wide-brimmed hats, can help protect your skin. There is also specific sun protective clothing you can get that blocks UV rays.
  • Drinking plenty of water keeps your skin hydrated and helps prevent it from becoming dried out.
  • UV rays can also harm your eyes, so wear UV protective sunglasses.
  • Give your skin a break by periodically getting out of the sun and into the shade for a few minutes.
  • Own the right vessel. Boats like Crownline’s 236, 266 and 286 Sport Cuddies give you the ability to take a break from the sun without having to own a full-blown cruiser.
  • The sun is less powerful in the morning and late in the day when it’s not directly overhead. These are also beautiful times to be out on a boat.