Why? Because We’re Family!

Crownline’s Commitment to Family

To understand Crownline better, you need to understand where we come from.

Crownline Boats is a company that understands family and designs products with it in mind. We are a company that was founded by family, and those values still hold true today, some 25 years later. kid

Consider what took place at Crownline today with little fanfare or recognition.

One of the boat orders that came through to our sales department included more than just the customer’s specifications for color scheme, interior and or stereo package. No, this boat also came with a story. In almost every case, we see what options the customer wants on their boat, but rarely do we get to understand why the customer wants to purchase a Crownline. This week, we found out the “why”.

We don’t want to go into detail with the story of this family, as it is extremely important and private matter they are going through, but they have been touched in a big way by cancer. Sherri and Jarrod are just taking each day as it comes and making memories as they go along. They decided that every day they have together will count, and because of this, they won’t get bogged down in the day-to-day worries of life. Fortunately, Crownline got to play a little part in the making of Sherri and Jarrod’s family memories when they decided they needed a boat.

Once we became aware of their situation and the reason they decided to purchase a Crownline, our Production Manager, Kay Newberry, immediately went to work to try and make this one boat just a little more special. She made a giant card that was given to every employee to sign. She also ordered some special swag, towels, a cooler bag and a couple of other little items.
The owners of the boat traveled a long distance in order to come and personally pick up their Crownline, and these extras were presented to Sherri and Jarrod when they saw their boat for the first time.

It was fantastic to see a Facebook post from Sherri that said, “We are so blessed to have met the family that works at Crownline Boats. It’s clear that each person puts their heart and soul into their work. Thank you for making our experience so personal. Crownline is a large part of the legacy we are creating as a family.” Of her own family, she wrote, “We finally got our priorities straight, we have always planned our future, but our future is not guaranteed.”

It just doesn’t get any better than that! We are a family at Crownline, and your families matter to us.


We know there are multiple examples of the Crownline family coming together to make a customer’s purchase just a little more special. Please feel free to share your own “Crownie” stories through our social media pages or website.