Why We’re Crownies…..

There’s something special about Crownline boaters.

For Crownies, our boats are more than just something we drive on the water—they’re part of who we are.

Spend some time talking with Crownies, and you begin to learn about the extraordinary ways they appreciate and enjoy their Crownline boats.
There’s the boater who was concerned with how a new wax would work on his Crownline, so he decided to play it safe… by trying it first on his car.

While some people can’t say the word “walk” in front of their dogs, there’s the Crownies who can’t say the word “boat” in front of their dogs without throwing them into a fit of excitement. That’s because their two dogs love riding on their Crownline, and each have their own favorite places on the boat.

Then there’s the Michigan man who just couldn’t wait for spring to arrive. So instead, he pulled his new Crownline 248CCR out of storage and relaxed on its sundeck—even though it was still winter.

Every Crownie has an interesting story and a special relationship with his or her boat. We’d like to hear about yours. Tell us why you’re a Crownie and about the bond between you and your boat by sending us an email or sharing your story on our Facebook page.