Every once and a while we have the pleasure of welcoming a new dealer into the Crownline fold. One of our latest editions is The Boat House, with locations throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and Florida. They’re not only a top 100 dealership (as determined by Boating Industry), but also the #1 inboard dealer in the entire Midwestern region.

We caught up with Jesse Gaengel (President of the Northern Division) and Trent TerHaar (Marketing Director) to learn more about our new friends, and what attracted them to Crownline.

What attracted you to Crownline?

We took Crownline on in our Naples, Florida, location about a year ago. Basically, we felt like Crownline boats competed in a market that we didn’t really have: family-friendly I/O deck boats and runabouts. That’s a market that we believe is in a resurgence.

More specifically, we were attracted to the combination of quality, styling, innovation, customization and detail in the Crownline brand.

So far, what’s been your experience with Crownline customers?

A Crownline customer looks for quality, detail, styling, innovation – qualities that we felt were in tune with our brand. We’re known as a dealership that carries high-end brands, and Crownline fits into that as a high-end runabout.

How do you pair a customer with their perfect boat?

Our process is to educate customers first before we sell. By asking the right questions, we can fit the right boats to the right customer and their family. Having the Crownline boat gives us another option to make sure we fit customers with that perfect boat.

What’s going on this time of year?

This is the time of year when customers are treated like royalty with cheese! We run big promotions and specials, and offer some great deals on leftover boats.

If you’re a customer looking to buy a boat in the off season, you’ll want to order it no later than February 1 in order to get it for Memorial Day weekend.

Tell us about your boat shows.The Boat House

Our big kickoff shows were in Chicago (Jan 15-17) and Milwaukee (Jan 20-24). We do quite a few events throughout the year, including a customer appreciation event in March. We run numerous on-water demonstrations, and on-water demos upon request.

Boats are a cornerstone strategy for building relationships with new customers. Having Crownline means that we can offer our services to another key component of the boating market.

What trends do you see for next year? What’s hot right now?

Competition is getting steep in our industry. We’re seeing more families come back in looking for value buys. Customers want to be able to do everything on their boat – it needs to have room, entertainment features, and be reliable.

Tell us a little more about The Boat House.

We want to be your one-stop shop for sales, services and storage, while offering our full range of high-end products. We want to give you that no-worries boating feeling that you can buy from us and be guaranteed a great summer.

We’ve built our philosophy on being a one-stop shop to give every customer the options they need – Crownline was that last piece we felt we needed.