Entertaining friends on your boat is one of the best reasons to have a boat in the first place.

After all, how much better is a gathering with your friends when you’re outside in the fresh air, under bright blue skies and surrounded by water?


  • Keep your meals simple. Many Crownlines, depending on the model, offer galleys, wetbars and grills to make on-board meal preparation much easier. To save time, keep your onboard food prep to a minimum. Prepare what you can ahead of time and offer food that is light and easy-to-assemble. Portable tables are very handy, as they can be easily set up when you need them, then stowed away when not in use.Boat Party
  •  Create a detailed list of what to bring. Once your boat leaves land, you can’t just run to the store if you find you forget something. Create a list and check it multiple times to make sure you have everything.
  •  Have a strict guest list. While Crownline cockpits are very spacious, utilizing every inch for comfort and convenience, there are capacity laws. Create a guest list and make sure everyone knows to stick to it, or find a nice cove to gather with your other Crownie friends.
  • Decorate appropriately. Is there a theme to your party? Are you getting together for a holiday? If so, decorate appropriately. For example, for July 4th, be sure to have flags, red, white and blue plates, cups and decorations.
  • Prepare for the weather. Being outside on the water, you and your party are vulnerable to the elements. Winds can kick up. A surprise shower can pass through. If your Crownline does not have a cabin, make sure guests are prepared with rain gear and windbreakers. Also, always have plenty of sunscreen on hand.