For some, the idea of gliding over the water at high speeds can be intimidating. But with a few simple tips, waterskiing can be easy for anyone to learn.


Here are 10 tips to help make your first waterskiing experience a success.

waterski_215SS1. Always wear a properly-fitted life jacket.
2. If you are a beginner, use skis that are wide and stable. Check to make sure that your weight is within the range indicated on the skis.
3. Any old rope won’t do. A wakeboarding rope is often short and has no stretch. Use a waterskiing rope that has a little stretch and is about 75 feet long.
4. Before getting in the water, practice your waterskiing stance.
5. The skier and occupants of the boat should know proper waterskiing hand signals beforehand so they can communicate on the water.
6. Before starting, lean back with your knees close to your chest and point your skis upward.
7. Make sure the rope is tight and is between your skis.
8. As the boat begins pulling the rope, lean back and let the boat pull you to an upright position. Keep your knees bent.
9. The boat needs to start fast to help the skier get upright, and then maintain a steady speed.
10. The driver of the boat should make sure the propeller is off when picking up a skier.