New to boating? Longtime veteran? Doesn’t matter – we’ve got a ton of great ideas for your next boating adventure.

1.  Night boating? Bring a star map (or download a star app) to look at the stars. What better view of the night sky are you going to get than from your boat? This one is a no-brainer. Got kids? Make it a game. How many constellations can you find?

2.  Go boatgating. From New York to Texas to California, many stadiums have nearby harbors designed to let you enjoy the game experience. Every stadium is different, but we can guarantee you’ll have an experience like no other.

3.  Water sports. Not that you needed us to remind you, but between tubing, wakeboarding, and waterskiing, you’ve got something for nearly everyone. Bored with one water sport? It’s not too expensive to try another.

4.  Learn how to tie a real knot. Can you tie a Clove Hitch and Bowline like a pro? How’s your Flemish Flake? The water is as good a place to get this down as any.

5.  Get pizza delivery. Ok, this one isn’t for everybody, but we’re definitely a little jealous of Virgin Island boaters with access to Pizza Pi, and Long Lake, Michigan boaters who can get pizza delivered by jet ski.

6.  Fish. This is the perfect activity when the goal is to relax and get away for a little while. Bonus: bring a small, portable grill and turn your fresh catch into dinner.

7.  Snorkeling. This is a great way to not only enjoy the water, but the life that lies within it.

8.  Cards. Got a free seat on board? There’s your table for virtually any card game in the bookWater Trampoline

9.  Bring a trampoline along. There are a ton of water trampolines on the market of varying sizes. Find one that fits your boat.

10.  Have a “pirate day.” Raise a pirate flag, dress up in pirate clothes, speak “pirate-ese” and go on an adventure for buried treasure—ideal for kids, but fun for everyone!

11.  Bring your dog along. No reason your dog can’t join you on your next voyage. Bring a floatation-friendly ball, and play fetch right off the side of the boat.

12.  Sing karaoke. Small, portable karaoke machines are cheaper than ever these days. Why not pick one up for your next adventure?

13.  (Legal) Fireworks. Fireworks laws vary dramatically from state to state – and some are a bad idea from your boat regardless – but that shouldn’t stop you from grabbing some sparklers and lighting them off safely on a warm night.

14.  Bring a book/e-reader. That book you’ve been meaning to get around to isn’t going to read itself – now is your chance!

15.  Form a flotilla. Got friends on the water? Hitch your boats together for twice the fun.

16.  Nothing! That’s right, nothing. Because sometimes, the best memories are made when there’s no agenda at all.