Boating is a social activity by nature: it’s safer, more fun and more rewarding to boat with friends.

No matter the size of your boat, you can – and should – throw a great party from time to time.

At Crownline, we think a great boat party is both safe and unforgettable. We’ve compiled a few tips to get you started:

  • Pick the right day. The best parties on the water take planning – do your homework beforehand to make sure the day (or night) is clear.
  • Create a theme for your party. You don’t need a megayacht to add this fun twist to your get-together. How about a pirate theme where everyone speaks “pirate-ese”? Maybe a 50s theme, with a rockabilly soundtrack? Keep it fun and adventurous and you can do no wrong.
  • Build a party playlist. Music is the lifeblood of a good party and there’s no better time to make use of your boat’s entertainment system. Create your perfect playlist beforehand so you’re not fumbling from track to track mid-party.
  • Make a guest list. You might be tempted to invite all your friends at once, but you’ll have a better (and safer) time inviting the right number of people for your boat.
  • Stock up on glass-free food and drink. It’s not a party unless there’s ample food and drink for attendees. Keep comfort levels high with a surplus of utensils, plates, napkins, etc. Unplanned spills happen, so have cleanup supplies at the ready. Bonus: bring dessert, too!
  • Plan for trash. Don’t leave shore without something to handle the surplus of trash your guests will generate.
  • Decorate. You know it’s a party when your boat is decked out (no pun intended) with decorative string lights.Stick with waterproof, solar-powered lights like these for maximum safety and fun. Get creative!

Stick by these basic guidelines, and you’re practically guaranteed a safe, memorable party for you and your friends.