Your Crownline boat can last you a very long time if you give it the regular care and maintenance it needs. Here’s a short list of things that a responsible Crownline owner needs to check regularly:

  1. Fuel. Forget this, and your boat is dead in the water – literally.
  2. Oil. Your Crownline boat is your car on water. The general rule of thumb is to change your oil every 100 hours of use, or once a year. (Please refer to your owner’s manual for engine manufacturer recommendations.)  (Request an owners manual – Include year and model)
  3. Ground tackle. Never leave port without it.
  4. Fire extinguishers. Accessible, functioning, non-expired extinguishers could save your boat, or even your life. Make sure everyone on board knows their location.
  5. Life vests and other safety gear. A no-brainer for keeping loved ones safe.
  6. Drains and pumps. Has water built up anywhere on the boat where it shouldn’t?
  7. Hinges. Crownline uses only the finest in stainless steel hinges and tubing–304L stainless on all hinges and 316L on all bimini top tubing–so, no need to worry about corrosion!
  8. Gelcoat. This is the finish material that coats the outside of your boat. Periodically washing it with a boat brush and marine boatwash will keep its luster sharp for years.


These tips should get you started, and cover a lot of the basics. Unless you’re an expert with years of experience, be sure to periodically take your boat for an expert “check-up” to ensure everything is running smoothly.