Weather can be unpredictable, with fast-forming storms that can be on you in a hurry. What starts off as a beautiful boating day can turn bad seemingly without warning. But there are warning signs if you know what to look for.

Here are some things to keep an eye out for that will let you know when bad weather might be approaching, and it is time to head to shore for safety.

1.  A rapid buildup of clouds, especially tall clouds, could mean a potential storm.
2.  Look to the west. Most weather changes come from the west, so look in that direction to see what’s headed your way.
3.  If the water is becoming increasingly choppy, it is likely being kicked up by a weather disturbance.
4.  Pay attention to the wind. A change in wind direction or the unexpected arrival of a cool breeze could mean a storm is approaching.
5.  A sudden drop in temperature is a sign of a potential storm front.

When bad weather does strike unexpectedly, it’s good to have a boat that can offer some protection from the elements. The flush mount bow closeout doors on Crownline’s E-series and larger bow riders offer weather protection and also allow for boating on cool evenings. Also, the standard full canvas on Crownline’s cruisers is another great feature that provides protection when the weather turns sour. To learn more about Crownline boats, contact your local Crownline dealer today.