You probably have your favorite wakeboarding lake, but sometimes it’s nice to have a change of scenery.

If you’re ready to experience a new lake, here are 10 of the country’s best for wakeboarding.

  1. Lake Powell, Utah and Arizona – With 667 miles of shoreline, Lake Powell is the second-largest manmade reservoir in the U.S. It gets more than two million visitors each year, but it is so big there is plenty of room for wakeboarding. Among the lakes features: Narrow slot canyons that offer a wakeboarding experience like no other.
  2. Lake Lure, North Carolina – This roughly 720-acre lake features three long bays and large stretches of water. It’s surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains, and the lake is famed for its crystal clear water. Nearby is Crownline dealer Carolina Coach and Marine (, a great source for local boating info.
  3. Lake Tahoe, California – This massive lake with a surface area of 193 miles is famous for its breathtaking scenery. The southern part of the lake has clear, calm water that makes it ideal for wakeboarding.
  4. Radar Lake, Washington – It’s no wonder Radar Lake is popular among wakeboarders, considering this manmade lake was one of the first in the country made specifically for watersports. The lake is not far from a new addition to the Crownline dealer family, Northwest Marine and Ski (
  5. Lake Mead, Nevada and Arizona – What’s not to love about Lake Mead? As the largest reservoir in the country, it’s huge, giving boaters plenty of room to play. It has gorgeous scenery, with mountains surrounding the lake. And it doesn’t hurt that Las Vegas is less than 25 miles away.
  6. Blue Lake, Florida – Blue Lake is the stuff of legend among wakeboarders. The problem is, it is near impossible to access. The lake with stunningly beautiful clear blue water was made famous thanks to the wakeboarding video “Defy” by X Games Gold Medalist Danny Harf. But the lake’s exact location is a closely-guarded secret, and it may be on private land. If you’re searching for local knowledge about it, and other nearby wakeboarding spots, ask the people at The Boat House (, a Crownie dealer in Port Charlotte.
  7. Lake Shasta, California – This 30,000-acre reservoir is California’s largest, providing visitors with plenty of room for wakeboarding. The lake Wakeboardingis popular for its seemingly endless coves and inlets.
  8. Table Rock Lake, Missouri – This reservoir in the scenic Ozarks of southwestern Missouri features 500 miles of shoreline and plenty of attractions to enjoy after a day on the water. To learn about the area, talk with the folks at Cope Marine – Table Rock (, a Crownline dealer in Branson West.
  9. Lake Alatoona, Georgia – Located just 35 miles northwest of Atlanta, Lake Alatoona offers boaters plenty of lake to enjoy. It is 12,000 acres and has 270 miles of shoreline. Much of the surrounding land is undeveloped and features recreational areas. Nearby Crownline dealer Watersports Central ( is where to find local boating info.
  10. Lake Havasu, Arizona – At 45 miles long and surrounded by beautiful desert, Lake Havasu is immensely popular among boaters. The lake has 400 miles of coastline and 60 miles of navigable waterways. The surrounding area has plenty of attractions for visitors to enjoy.

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