Crownline_Christmas_blogIt’s that time of year again: Time to stuff the stocking (or whatever holiday tradition suits you best) for the Crownies in your life. But how exactly do you keep a Crownie happy during the most wonderful time of the year? Let us count the ways.

First, there’s the small stuff, like our classic Crownline koozies for your favorite on-deck beverage, or our snug line of Crownline towels. For the truly devoted, there are decals to let everyone know that your other “car” doesn’t run on wheels. Or you could simply make sorting your boating keys easier by pairing them with a Crownline key chain (you’re welcome).

From there, we move up into the accessories guaranteed to add fun to your lake days. Got a Crownie who’s into water sports? Or wants to get into water sports? Consider a wakeboard package to get you up and running. Think about throwing in some ballast bags to achieve those bigger waves. If wakeboarding is an old hat, why not mix it up with a wakeskate? Choices abound when it comes to water sports, and there’s no shortage of ways to take this favorite Crownline pastime to the next level.

Then again, this is the time of year to think big: maybe you’re ready to take the plunge on an engine with a few more horsepower, or add a subwoofer or tower speaker set to your entertainment rig. For that, of course you’ll  want to contact your local dealer to see what’s available for your specific boat.

Whatever your budget and whatever the holiday you celebrate, this much is true: Most dealerships are running their best deals of the year right now. If you give the gift of an upgrade, there’s still plenty of time to get the work done before the season starts.

Happy shopping!