Wakeboarding and making videos go hand in hand. If you’re like most wakeboarders, when you’re not out riding a wake, you’re watching YouTube videos of people doing the same thing. Whether you want to show off your moves, entice friends to join you on the water or just capture memories to look back on, you’d probably like to make your own exciting wakeboarding videos.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; it’s also a great way to learn. Watch your favorite wakeboarding videos and think about what it is you like about their moves. Then try to replicate them.
Don’t just record yourself wakeboarding—consider what you want to capture on video. Before you hit the water, think about any particular shots you want to get. Then try to get them on film even if it means shooting several takes.
The cameraman should always keep the rider in the center of the frame, even through a trick and landing.
Don’t always shoot the same shot from the back of a boat. Change angles so the video doesn’t get boring. Try to get shots from shore, from a second boat, even a waterproof head cam on the rider.
Light matters when filming, and the best light is early in the morning and late in the day. This is also when the water is usually at its calmest.
Don’t put everything you filmed in the video. In fact, you should film a lot, then cut out most of it. Keep your video moving and interesting by doing a lot of editing, keeping only the best short, exciting clips.
The right music can energize your video, while the wrong music can make it come off as flat. Your video’s soundtrack is important, so make sure you pick a song that reflects a particular feeling and mood that you’re going for and is appealing to a large audience.