09/29/15 Dealer Spotlight: Winnisquam Marine

Nestled off the I-95 corridor on picturesque Winnisquam Lake, the Winnisquam Marine Inc. is the largest Crownline dealer in New Hampshire. We recently caught up with dealership owner Julie Crawford to talk about why she and her family choose to carry Crownline, how boat owners can get more from their dealerships, and the hot trends they see in the industry. CL: Tell us a little bit about Winnisquam

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5 Moments in Boating History

Human beings have used the water for transportation, production and leisure for several millennia. But it was only at the dawn of the 20th century that leisure boating as we know it truly began to take shape. Let’s take a look at some of the key moments in boating history that forever changed the way we have fun on the water. 1. Gottlieb Daimler invents

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09/14/15 Walkthrough of the E6 XS

The Crownline XS series is all about economy and comfort, and the E6 XS is a great example. At 26’3” long, the E6 XS is the largest of the series, and it boasts many of the features of its sister sterndrive E6 model. Let’s take a look. Board the E6 XS and you’ll find a spacious “J-wrap” cockpit that comfortably accommodates your friends and family. 

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Maintaining Your Crownline

Your Crownline boat can last you a very long time if you give it the regular care and maintenance it needs. Here’s a short list of things that a responsible Crownline owner needs to check regularly: Fuel. Forget this, and your boat is dead in the water – literally. Oil. Your Crownline boat is your car on water. The general rule of thumb is to

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09/03/15 Safe Memorable Parties on Your Boat

Boating is a social activity by nature: it’s safer, more fun and more rewarding to boat with friends. No matter the size of your boat, you can – and should – throw a great party from time to time. At Crownline, we think a great boat party is both safe and unforgettable. We’ve compiled a few tips to get you started: Pick the right day.

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