12/28/15 Wakeboarding: A Primer

You’ve seen it on the water—perhaps for years now. Human torpedos flying along the wake behind the boat, and soaring through the air as if powered by jetpack. No, jetpacks haven’t gone mainstream yet. It’s just the fun and excitement of wakeboarding, a water sport that’s been on a meteoric rise since the 1980s (just like its sister sport, snowboarding). In this article, we’ll give

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12/11/15 Gift Ideas for Your Crownie

It’s that time of year again: Time to stuff the stocking (or whatever holiday tradition suits you best) for the Crownies in your life. But how exactly do you keep a Crownie happy during the most wonderful time of the year? Let us count the ways. First, there’s the small stuff, like our classic Crownline koozies for your favorite on-deck beverage, or our snug line

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12/03/15 Dealer Spotlight: Riverside Marine

The story of Riverside Marine begins in 1976, when a passionate boater bought a ramshackle marina on Chesapeake Bay. Two generations and almost 40 years later, Riverside Marine is still owned and operated by the same family who kicked things off. We spoke with sales representative (and founder’s grandson) Matt Baumgartner about what it’s like showing up to work every day at an iconic marina.

12/03/15 Dealer Spotlight: Riverside Marine2017-06-21T10:28:45-05:00
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