01/26/16 270 SS in Lakeland Boating Magazine

From the kid whose prize-winning school project makes it into the local paper to the senior couple celebrating a milestone anniversary, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of being featured in a publication. It’s the same thrill for boatbuilders, especially when it’s their boat being praised in a magazine. So it was with great excitement that we at Crownline recently learned that our new model

01/26/16 270 SS in Lakeland Boating Magazine2017-06-21T10:29:20-05:00

Tips for First-Time Boat Buyers

While nearly everyone dreams of owning a boat, making that dream a reality can prove intimidating. There’s so much to consider when thinking of buying a boat that it can scare some people off. But with a little bit of info about what to keep in mind, the boat buying process can be surprisingly easy. And with a payoff of sunny days spent on the

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01/04/16 Mid-Winter Checkup Tips

You may have tucked your boat away for winter months ago. But if you think you don’t have to worry about it until spring, think again. Even if your boat is wintering on dry land or in storage, a lot can happen while it sits there over the winter. By checking on it in mid-winter, you can fix any problems that have arisen, make sure

01/04/16 Mid-Winter Checkup Tips2017-06-21T10:29:05-05:00
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