05/27/16 Catch and Release Tips for Fishermen

The ability to catch a fish and release it unharmed is an important skill for any angler. Most fish species have rules and regulations on the size and number of fish you can catch, and practicing catch and release is important for fisheries conservation. Here are a few tips on how to quickly and safely release a caught fish. Use Appropriate Tackle The longer a

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05/19/16 Watersports Safety Tips

Few boating activities are as exciting and enjoyable as speeding over the water on water skis, a wakeboard or inflatable tube while being towed by a fast-moving boat.   But while watersports are a fun-filled part of boating, boaters need to take precautions to make sure they are done safely. Here are a few tips on how to do that. • Anyone being towed by

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05/13/16 Cruising to Provincetown

With its lively arts scene, diverse restaurants, drag-queen shows and salty fishermen, Provincetown, Massachusetts, is the most unpredictable port in the Northeast, which makes it a must-see destination for every boater in the region. Located on the last bit of land on Cape Cod as it curls back toward Boston, Provincetown has something for everybody, with one of the best collections of restaurants, bars and

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Tips for Entertaining on Your Boat

Entertaining friends on your boat is one of the best reasons to have a boat in the first place. After all, how much better is a gathering with your friends when you’re outside in the fresh air, under bright blue skies and surrounded by water? HERE ARE A FEW TIPS TO MAKE SURE YOUR ONBOARD GATHERING IS A SUCCESS. Keep your meals simple. Many Crownlines,

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05/02/16 Crownline 270SS in Boating World

CROWNLINE’S NEW 270SS IS A PREMIUM BOWRIDER THAT PUNCHES YOUR FIRST-CLASS TICKET TO FUN. The United States has about 300 lakes larger than 10,000 acres. That works out to an average of six per state, and all of them offer outstanding recreational boating. To take full advantage of them, however, you need a boat that can handle potentially dicey conditions. You also want a boat

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