08/25/16 Introducing The Crownline E1 XS

Packed with amenities and designed to maximize space and comfort, the new Crownline E1 XS is built for fun and excitement. This new addition to Crownline’s Eclipse series is like a sports car on the water that will provide you and your friends with fun-filled days spent waterskiing and wakeboarding. The E-1 XS has both front and rear swim platforms with Soft Touch mats. There’s an

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Boat Propeller Maintenance

From sapping your fuel tank to leaving you stranded, damage to your boat’s propeller can cause all sorts of headaches! Propeller problems are often easily avoidable – so long as you are properly prepared and keep up with routine maintenance. Here are some tips on caring for your boat’s propeller: Inspect your propeller before every outing. Using a damaged prop can cause problems for your

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Tips for Docking Your Boat

Out on the water, boating is enjoyable and relaxing. But when you’re coming in to dock—especially if it’s crowded—things can often turn tricky and stressful. It doesn’t need to be, though. FOLLOW THESE TIPS AND YOU’LL SOON BECOME A MASTER AT DOCKING. • Practice makes perfect. As with any activity, the more you practice, the better you get. Find an empty or uncrowded dock and

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08/04/16 Why? Because We’re Family!

CROWNLINE’S COMMITMENT TO FAMILY TO UNDERSTAND CROWNLINE BETTER, YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHERE WE COME FROM. Crownline Boats is a company that understands family and designs products with it in mind. We are a company that was founded by family, and those values still hold true today, some 25 years later.  Consider what took place at Crownline today with little fanfare or recognition. One of

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