Tips on Boating with Your Dog

You love spending time with your dog, and your dog loves spending time with you. So why leave your pooch home when you go boating? Many boaters love to bring their dogs boating. IF YOU WANT TO BRING YOUR DOG ON THE WATER, HERE ARE A FEW TIPS TO KEEP IN MIND. Get your dog a lifejacket. Your dog might be a good swimmer when

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5 Boating Etiquette Tips

 NO BOATER WANTS TO BE KNOWN AS “THAT GUY.” You know the one: the guy other boaters grumble about and don’t like because he carelessly speeds past, jolting other boats with his wake. Or he selfishly takes his time at the boat ramp while a line of other boaters are waiting to hit the water. But there’s no reason to be “That Guy.” It’s easy

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Boating Lake Travis in Austin, Texas

Lake Travis in Austin, Texas is a favorite destination among Lone Star State boaters. The lake features stunning natural scenery, luxurious resorts, tons of family activities, world-class marinas and marine facilities, and is widely known as a boater’s paradise. On top of that, it’s located in one of the coolest cities in the country—Austin, home to amazing restaurants renowned for its vibrant live music scene.

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01/10/17 Crownline Eclipse E30 Press Release

CROWNLINE BOATS PRESS RELEASE – ECLIPSE E30 Discover the joy of more – more room for friends and family, more storage for all your water toys and gear, and more standard equipment than any other comparable size model! Introducing the new Crownline Eclipse E30, the largest sport deckboat in this popular crossover series. Crownline has been building innovative, sexy boats for almost three decades, and

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01/05/17 Crownline’s Sporty and Roomy E6 XS

If you think a sleek and sporty boat can’t also be spacious and comfortable, you haven’t seen Crownline’s E6 XS. This versatile cross sport is as suited for a day spent cruising and lounging with friends as it is for an exciting day of waterskiing or wakeboarding. Heartland Boating summed it up best when they described the E6 XS with one word: “Impressive!” They said this

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