Our NCAA Final Four BOATING Rankings

The NCAA basketball tournaments are some of the most exciting, popular and unpredictable spectacles in sports. Each year, millions of people fill out brackets trying to accurately predict the tournament. We love March Madness here at Crownline, so we decided to put a little boating-spin on the tournament for our blog post this week. The men’s and women’s tournaments are both currently down to four

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A Guide to Overnight Boating

A Guide to Overnight Boating- For a true boating enthusiast, few experiences are as incredible as an overnight or all-weekend river cruise. The gentle rocking of the water and the waves lapping against your boat are sure to put you into a deep sleep after a day of fun and adventure. During the day, cruise, fish, ski, swim, grill, or do whatever it is you like

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Spring Break Destinations

Spring Break Destinations - Plenty of people get caught up in the stereotype that spring break is only for hard-partying college kids. In reality, the average age of people who take a spring break trip is 49. From families needing a break from soccer practice and homework, to retirees who want to replenish after a long winter, spring break is for everyone. The best way

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It’s the Perfect Time for a Boating Safety Course

It’s the Perfect Time for a Boating Safety Course - Last week we gave you some tips on how to properly prepare for spring boating. While the weather may be great for our boaters in temperate climates, many northern boaters are stuck inside hoping for an early thaw.   While you wait, it’s a great time to touch up your knowledge by taking a boating safety

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Boat Transport Checklist

Boat Transport Checklist - At some point, a boat owner is going to need to have a boat transported from one place to another. Whether this is from the sales room floor to your home, from your home to a marina or from one marina to another, it’s important to handle the relocation the right way to avoid damaging the boat.   The first thing

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