Crownline Boats – Find Your Hour Meter

The engine hour meter is no longer available on the standard dash of our Crownline Boats.  For confirmation of engine hours you will need to have a mechanic hook up your engine to a computer for an accurate reading of total engine hours or refer to your Raymarine engine readings.   Why Did Crownline Remove the Hour Meter Gauge? The gauge that was in place

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A Great Boating Tradition – Christen Your Crownline

A Great Boating Tradition has fallen away, and we think it should make a come back!  Christening a boat can be viewed as superstitious or just an excuse to get your friends over to have a good time. Regardless of your views on superstition, it should be as much fun as possible, especially if you’re christening a new Crownline. In this post, we’ll go over

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Visiting Lake Okoboji

Take a trip and Visit Lake Okoboji!  Iowa gets a bad wrap when it comes to boating. Sandwiched between two big boating states, it’s easy to see how people view Iowa as the middle child of Midwest water fun. However, a few particularly fun lake and river communities offer a variety of aquatic options for the Hawkeye State. The most popular of these communities is

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Boater’s Fuel Saving Guide

Boater's fuel saving guide - Like any fuel-running vehicle, it’s important to know the most efficient and economical way to keep your Crownline gassed up and ready to go. Boating’s about being on the water and having a blast, not about fueling up or waiting in long lines. Follow these suggestions and enjoy saving time and money at the pump, so you can spend more

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