A Visit to Marina del Rey, California


Marina del Rey is often named one of the best boating destinations in the world, likely due to its proximity to Los Angeles and the many celebrities who frequent the area. The town of approximately 10,000 people routinely shows up at the top of “best of” lists and is experiencing a sort of renaissance that few small towns in the world could match. The charm, energy and style of this jewel on the California coast makes it an ideal place to take your Crownline.


Marina del Rey is the largest man-made, small-craft harbor in the U.S. It’s full of high-class amenities for the rich and famous, but it’s also loaded with a good number of restaurants and shops that won’t break the bank. Sure, celebrity culture abounds, but it doesn’t take away from the soul of Marina del Rey. The beaches are still beautiful, the weather is still warm and calm, and there’s almost always a place to dock your boat.