January is a particularly rough time to live in the northern part of the country. Luckily, we’ve found just the place for you to take your Crownline on vacation during this boating-unfriendly month. Look no further than A Visit to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

(photo from New Mexico Tourism Department)


Yep, Truth or Consequences is the name of the small lake town we’re featuring this week. The city got its unique moniker from a game show in 1950 when the host dared a town to rename itself. It’s a colorful place of 6,400 residents situated on the Rio Grande and next to Elephant Butte Lake State Park. With pastel-painted buildings lining the streets and a breathtaking desert mountainscape framing the horizon, this is one charming town.

Elephant Butte Lake (photo from Google Street View)


On the Lake

When it comes to boating, Elephant Butte Lake State Park is the place to go. It features a massive reservoir that’s ideal for just about any kind of boating. Vast stretches of open water invite you to get up to speed, while the wild desert backdrops and warm sun welcome casual exploring and sunbathing. If you’re looking for some fun on land, check out the park’s many sandy beaches, campgrounds, hiking trails and islands.


Riverbend Hot Springs—Mineral Springs Resort and Spa (photo from Google Street View)


On Land

Outside of the park are resorts, spas, golf courses, shops, breweries and restaurants. The Elephant Butte Inn & Spa is a well-maintained place to relax. The rooms are comfortable and well-priced. In fact, most locations in the area are quite affordable. With few tourists flocking to the region, it maintains its reputation as a quiet, hidden gem. Another great place to stay is the Riverbend Hot Springs—Mineral Springs Resort and Spa. It’s the only hot springs spa in the state and a wonderful place to unwind.


Latitude 33 (photo from Google Street View)


In Town

When it’s time to eat and drink, try Truth or Consequences Brewing Co. for a vibrant atmosphere and a full schedule of fun events. They don’t offer food, but you can bring in dishes from local restaurants and enjoy them there. Latitude 33 is another great option. The restaurant offers a delicious mix of Asian-fusion and comfort food. For dessert in the desert or just a quick, sweet bite, head to Passion Pie Cafe. Their baked goods come highly recommended—and the coffee is excellent.

At first glance, Truth or Consequences may not look like much more than a sparsely populated, brightly colored, small Southwestern town. But if you take some time to explore and get to know the friendly locals, you’re sure to find comfort, relaxation and adventure.

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