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Boating tips to safely navigate busy Fourth of July waters

Boating tips to safely navigate busy Fourth of July waters By the Water Sports Foundation All over the country this upcoming holiday weekend, boaters will be cruising to popular gathering spots for watersports, to raft up, drop anchor and swim, enjoy barbecues and cap off festivities with spectacular fireworks celebrations. “After a year of Covid restrictions, boaters are out on the

Boating tips to safely navigate busy Fourth of July waters2021-07-01T13:13:12-05:00

Best Fishing Resorts in the Bahamas

The Best Fishing Resorts in the Bahamas As the world opens back up, everyone is looking forward to finally escaping their homes and going on vacation. Now is the perfect time to plan a Finseeker fishing trip! If you can get your boat to the Bahamas, or if you’re happy to rent, the following resorts are perfect for your next getaway.

Best Fishing Resorts in the Bahamas2021-04-23T16:18:02-05:00

Boating, Social Distancing & Staying Safe

  While some locations have limited boating due to the reduced operations of public and private marinas, there are still plenty of places to launch and enjoy your Crownline this spring. Obviously, boating can be one of the best forms of social distancing, and there are several ways to enjoy the water while keeping safe. The above graphic by Sea Tow does a great job

Boating, Social Distancing & Staying Safe2020-04-10T13:27:39-05:00

Youth Boating

Teaching your children how to boat is one of the great joys of parenting. But if you want to further your child’s education, there are youth boating and watersport programs all over the country that can help prepare kids for a life filled with the pleasures of boating. From instructional courses to fishing teams to sailing groups, there’s something for every young boater. Any of

Youth Boating2020-03-19T10:40:37-05:00

Boating – How to Handle Fog

Fog is a big nuisance to boaters. Beyond annoying, fog is dangerous and leads to a surprising number of accidents every year. As a general rule, it’s best to avoid operating your Crownline in foggy conditions. Of course, that’s easier said than done when an unpredictable weather pattern catches you off guard. If you’re stuck on the water in fog, follow these tips to keep

Boating – How to Handle Fog2020-03-19T10:40:38-05:00

How Much Is Your Boat Worth?

If you’re looking to upgrade to a new Crownline, or any boat, it’s important to understand how much your current boat is worth. Finding the true value of your boat can be a laborious process filled with frustration and misdirection, especially if you aren’t working with people you trust. Online resources can be informative and helpful but can also be misleading, particularly if your boat

How Much Is Your Boat Worth?2020-03-19T10:40:38-05:00

Tips for Snowbird Boaters

Tips for Snowbird Boaters - If you’re a snowbird (someone who lives in the North and travels to the South for winter) who loves boating, the winter months are just as exciting as the summer. The thrill of exploring new waters, while the rest of your friends are stuck with snow and ice, is particularly enjoyable. Cruising in your Crownline during January is something that every

Tips for Snowbird Boaters2020-03-19T10:40:38-05:00

The Best Wakesurf Gear

Make 2020 the year you try wakesurfing! It’s a fun and high-energy sport that many boaters find fantastically addictive. For newbies, the mechanics may seem a bit daunting at first, but it’s easy to pick up if you have the right equipment. Of course, getting into wakesurfing is even easier if you have a Crownline Surf Series boat! Here’s a list of great gear to

The Best Wakesurf Gear2020-03-19T10:40:38-05:00

Hot Spots for Florida Boating

It’s the middle of winter and few places are more enticing right now than sunny Florida. What could be better than basking in the sun, lounging on warm beaches, and exploring crystal-clear boating spots? Here are seven boating locations that are must-see destinations on a visit to the Sunshine State. So, load up your Crownline or Finseeker and head south. It’s time to escape the cold

Hot Spots for Florida Boating2020-03-19T10:40:38-05:00

Getting to Know Boat Covers

Few things do more to help preserve your Crownline than boat covers. Every boat needs at least one to keep it looking good and staying in great working condition. Today, we’ll walk you through the different types of covers so you can decide which one is a perfect match for your boat.   Mooring Covers   A mooring cover protects the entire boat and is

Getting to Know Boat Covers2020-03-19T10:40:38-05:00
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