Why Autumn Boating Is Awesome

Why Autumn Boating Is Awesome

Summer has come to an end, but your boating season doesn’t have to. Autumn is prime time to be on the water, so grab a jacket and jump on board. Need convincing?


  1. The Lakes Are Less Crowded: Kids are back at school and families are packing up their cabins, so take advantage of the open space they leave.
  2. Fall Fishing: The fish are actively feeding to prepare for winter, making fall peak freshwater and saltwater fishing season.
  3. The Beautiful Scenery: There’s no better place to watch the trees change and appreciate a natural watercolor painting than on the water. It doesn’t get much better than a cozy sunset over golden trees on an empty lake.
  4. It’s Better for Your Boat: The less time your boat lies dormant the better on your engine, batteries, circuitry and pumps. Most insurance companies have a Nov. 1 pull-out deadline, so take advantage of every day you have.


Safety Reminder: The air is colder and so is the water. Make sure to pack warm, wind-resistant clothes on every trip, and be aware of weather and water conditions.


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