Capturing a day on your Crownline should be easy and enjoyable. Fumbling around with a complicated camera while you explore new places or cruise at top speed is both a waste of time and frustrating—you have better things to do! So, this week we are highlighting the best action cameras for all your boating adventures.


GoPro Fusion


Go Pro Fusion

This is a fun little 360º camera that will capture your day from every angle. The Fusion is a favorite of both pros and amateurs, and it’s incredibly easy to use. You can control it with an app or just click to the settings you want on the camera. GoPro made a name for itself by delivering an easy way to get high-quality action footage, and the essence of their company has never been more on display than with the Fusion. The camera is loaded with too many tools to mention here, but highlights include impressive stabilization, 5K 360º video footage, and great editing software.


GoPro HERO7 Black



While the Fusion offers a wide range of customization and captures everything around it, it isn’t waterproof. Enter the GoPro HERO7 Black. This high-quality 4K camera doesn’t shoot 360º video, but it can handle taking a dive in the water, and it’s just as good at stabilizing. This means that any shakiness that occurs while filming can be easily removed when processing your videos. The HERO7 is also able to cast livestreams to your social media pages, making it even easier to share your vacations and adventures with the world. If you’re not looking to capture a 360º video, this camera is about as good and simple as it gets.


Removu K1


Removu K1


For something more traditional, the Removu K1 delivers a 4K video camera on a 3-axis gimbal. It’s designed to capture fast-paced action and take perfect selfies. The K1 features a handy 1.5-inch touchscreen that makes it easy to review footage and 12 MP photos. The f/2.8 wide-angle lens is great for getting all the action in the frame. It’s also loaded with an impressive battery that can shoot for up to four hours on a single charge. Good luck finding another camera and gimbal with that battery life.


Osmo Pocket


Osmo Pocket


DJI is the king of drone technology at the moment, but they also offer great handheld devices. The Osmo Pocket’s range is perfect for both weekend warriors and full-service production teams. This model is the ideal tool for anyone who wants a high-powered camera without having to learn the complicated nuances of DJI’s more expensive options. It’s essentially the K1’s smaller, more-talented younger sibling. It shoots higher-quality 4K video, has a better lens, has its own editing software, and the battery life is impressive.

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