Plenty of people escape to Florida during the winter months. If you’re lucky enough to be one of them and also happen to have your boat down there with you, check out these lakes if you want to escape the seas in order to try out some inland boating in the Sunshine State.


Sante Fe Lake:Sante Fe Lake, Florida


This nearly 6,000 sq ft spring-fed lake is a haven for those looking to boat or kayak in a more controlled environment than the ocean. Perfect for hiking and fishing as well as on the water activities, Sante Fe lake is surrounded by gorgeous old trees and is full of wildlife. Check this one out if you love all sorts of outdoor activity.


Lochloosa Lake:


Located just outside of Gainsville, Lochloosa offers an escape for everyone from college students to retirees. Enjoy great fishing and plenty of open water from the comfort of your Crownline. This lake offers plenty of wildlife and unobstructed nature, so be sure to bring along anyone who enjoys the wilderness.


Lake Rosalie:

Lake Rosalie, Florida

While still a great lake for fishing, this lake is perfect for watersports. Bring your Crownline and your skis and see just how much fun this lake is. Feel free to camp at one of its nearby campgrounds to really experience the area. Many locals and tourists like to watch Osprey’s hunt, but be careful: there are alligators.


Lake Okeechobee:


Florida’s biggest lake offers the best place to get your boat up to speed outside of the ocean. Simply launch your boat and get on plane. You’ll love taking your Crownline for a run in this gorgeous area. While you’re there enjoy the great views offered by the Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail.


Lake Kissimmee:

Lake Kissimmee

People have described it as the one of the best fishing lakes in the country. If you like to fish, get to lake Kissimme as fast as you can. If not, oh well, you can still spend the day on a beautiful lake in a beautiful crownline.