We have found some the Best Places for Fall/Winter Boating! The fall and winter months are strange times of year for boaters. While some are enjoying the endless sunshine, others are winterizing their boats, and others are enjoying the beautiful fall colors from the comfort of their Crownline. This week, we’re with the last group of people. Fall boating is great for a number of reasons – the colors, the crisp air, there are hardly any people on the water, you get to be on your Crownline, etc.. – it’s time to get out there and enjoy the water before winter forces you back inside. Here are a few of our favorite fall boating spots around the country.

 Lake Tahoe, California

Tahoe is routinely on any list of beautiful places. It simply deserves to be. Millions and millions of people have been inspired by the lake’s serenity. It’s a natural choice for the West Coast. The giant alpine lake is surrounded by mountains of fall color, which cast a Bob Ross-like reflection off the clear water. It’s hard to beat a place where you can admire mountains, upon mountains of orange, red and yellow trees. It’s hard to beat Tahoe.

Devils Fork State Park, Salem, South Carolina

Lake Jocassee winds wonderfully through the fall colors of Devils Fork State Park. The area is famous for gorges, waterfalls, fishing, hiking, and, of course, some incredible boating. It’s the perfect place to explore by water. The untouched shoreline is otherworldly and completely mesmerizing. If you brought scuba gear, you’ll want to jump in the water. It’s some of the clearest in nation. It may be a little chilly, but fall scuba would be a beautiful experience few things could compare to.

Torch Lake, Michigan

Clear water and fall colors go hand-in-hand.  Torch Lake’s sky blue water is reminiscent of the Caribbean, only it’s located in Northern Michigan. The idyllic destination is practically the best place to leaf peep in the Midwest. It’s an artist’s dream spot, no matter the artist. Snap a selfie, do some serious photography, or break out an easel and some paints and let your inner landscape painter shine. Crownline’s layouts are spacious enough to accommodate whatever fall activity you like best. Just make sure to pack some hot apple cider, it gets cold pretty quick in Michigan.

Lake Champlain, Vermont

Lake Champlain just adds to Vermont’s reputation as one of the most beautiful states. The Giant Lake on the state’s western border is absolutely ideal for any activity. It’s big enough for high-speed fun, has lovely sections of undeveloped coastline, and the quaint city of Burlington sits on its eastern shore. It’s a perfect spot for a quick vacation. Just look out for Champ, the mythical monster that lurks beneath the surface.

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

The giant sprawling lake is a financial and cultural wonder in America’s heartland during the summer months, but make no mistake, the lake of the Ozarks is great for fall boating as well. The huge area is great for hiking, hunting, horseback riding and really any other outdoor activities you can think of. The towns around the lake are famous for being entertainment centers or just your quintessential American small town gems. But, on the water, any activity is perfect for you and your Crownline. Hi-speed runs, leaf peeping, cocktail cruises, massive parties, putzing around, or going to an on the water church service. The Ozarks is a the perfect spot for any and all of your fall desires.

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