Looking for the Best Places for St. Patrick’s Day? We have the answer.  St. Patrick’s Day is an underrated holiday when it comes to boating. Sure, a significant portion of the U.S. is mired in chilly temps, but a surprising number of boat-themed events are part of this fun-spirited holiday. If you’re itching for a celebration this weekend, chances are there’s a boat parade or green-spangled party to attend. Here are some highlights from across the country. Hopefully, you can bring your Crownline along to maximize the fun.


Chicago, IL

Chicago River

Chicago probably does St. Patrick’s Day better than any other city, and it often gets the honor of being the best place to celebrate in the U.S. The city dyes the Chicago River green, throws great parades, and hosts day-long parties. It’s practically impossible to top a city altering the color of a river, and there’s no better place to take in its verdant beauty than on a river cruise. There are plenty of family-friendly and over-21 options. Don’t miss it.


Cornelius, NC

Cornelius, NC

In northern North Carolina there’s a festive celebration at Galway Hooker Pub on Lake Norman. This pub was originally located in Dublin before it was shipped to Cornelius and is, therefore, one of the most authentic Irish pubs in the country. Spend the day boating beautiful Lake Norman, then join the merrymaking. The party starts at 11 am and runs until 2 am on March 16. Bring your Crownline and make it an amazing weekend. Click here for more information.


Tampa Bay, FL

Tampa Bay

Tampa takes a page out of Chicago’s celebration playbook and also features a green river. No, it’s not as wild of a celebration, but there are plenty of parties and concerts, a boat parade, and many places to explore on the water. And if you’re in need of some warm weather, this is the place to be. And you can watch most of the festivities from the comfort of your Crownline. There’s no better place to take in all the action. Check this page for events.


Boston, MA


It’s no secret that Boston loves the holiday. It has the highest percentage of Irish ancestry in the U.S., and it’s definitely worth a trip to experience all the city has to offer to honor its Emerald Isle heritage. From cruises to parades, basketball games to boat parties, and concerts to fun runs, Boston has it all. It’s looking like a chilly weekend in the Northeast, so pack a coat if you hit the water. Check out all the events here.

San Diego, CA

San Diego

San Diego is, by many standards, the perfect city. The weather is amazing, the food is excellent, and there are plenty of things to do. Chill on your Crownline or head into town for a day filled with good luck and good cheer. Fun festivals, great food, and plenty of smiling faces will make you happy to leave winter behind and celebrate in the 75-degree sunshine. Check the San Diego events calendar here.


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