We have assembled a list of the best river towns that would be perfect for your next Crownline Voyage. We love our lakes and oceans, and it’s easy to get caught up in these larger bodies of water, but this week is all about appreciating a few of our favorite river towns. River towns are known for their distinctive charm and fun way of life. From quaint villages to industrial mega-cities, river towns come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but everyone of them has a unique culture on the river banks. It’s impossible to perfectly rank a list of towns.


Nashville, Tennessee

     Best River Towns


Nashville has a reputation for being an incredibly fun city before you even begin to think about river activities. The music capital and cultural hub has a bountiful selection of entertainment options, but people often overlook the Cumberland River. The river is navigable year round and is ready for you and your Crownline. We recommend coming into Nashville on the Cumberland from the North. Cruising through the Tennessee countryside and wilderness is an absolutely breathtaking experience. Enjoy the foothills and bluffs and get your boat up to speed. When you do get into town the city of Nashville throws a party unlike any other. Head downtown and revel in a music experience you’ll never forget.  (Find Nearest Crownline Dealer here)


Milwaukee, Wisconsin



Milwaukee gets overlooked in the Midwest. People turn their eyes to Chicago or Minneapolis before checking out this gem on the western coast of Lake Michigan, which is both just fine by the Milwaukee locals and incredibly aggravating. Milwaukee is admittedly one of the more unique cities on this list, because it contains three rivers and is situated on a Great Lake. It also is surrounded by a ton of smaller lakes. It’s a recreational boater’s dream. Choose your own adventure from river cruising, lake outings or go all in on Lake Michigan. After your done boating, check out Milwaukee’s fantastic craft brewing scene, museums, or simply take in a lovely summer evening.  It’s a gorgeous place to hang out.  (Find Nearest Crownline Dealer here)


Asheville, North Carolina


Asheville is routinely in the running for coolest town in the US. It’s a beautiful town that values fun and comfort above all else. From a booming craft beer culture to local shops and boutiques that will make you question your career choice, Ashville proves it’s a river town you won’t want to miss. In fact, it may be the ideal river town. The French Broad River isn’t huge, there aren’t too many places to cruise near town, but Asheville is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of boating and community. If you have time swing by Tupelo Honey and delight in some of the best comfort food in the world.  (Find Nearest Crownline Dealer here)


Bend, Oregon

Of course Oregon would make this list. What doesn’t that state have? Enjoy the Deschutes River by boat or paddle board, or whatever you prefer, then go skiing, climbing or hiking or just sip on great coffee and read a book. Bend is a do it all city for adventurers and explorers. Few communities embody the ideals of the North West better than Bend and it’s a genuinely fantastic experience watching people do what they love. Again, there are great breweries and restaurants, but you probably already assumed that. Try a night at one of the town’s many Bed and Breakfasts and then explore the river and get up to speed on your boat. It’s a winning combination.    (Find Nearest Crownline Dealer here)



Richmond, Virginia

The James River doesn’t define Richmond, the under-the-radar city that’s becoming cooler and cooler each day, but it does enhance it. As Richmond dives deeper and deeper into embracing the river as a means for fun, the city’s built up the riverfront and added restaurants that now thrive, thanks to boaters coming in after a long day on the river. The Boat House and Conch Republic at Rockets landing offer a range of dining experience from relaxed fun to high end dining. Richmond also offers some great museums, farmers’ markets and an industrial charm you’ll fall for faster than you’d think.  (Find Nearest Crownline Dealer here)