The best sun glasses for boaters can be a personal choice.  The sun is shining at full power and it’s time to protect your eyes in style. With so much light bouncing off the water, it’s essential to have a good pair of sunglasses when boating. With a wide range of designs and prices, it’s easy to find a pair that perfectly matches your style and complements you’re Crownline. Here are our top sunglasses picks for this summer.


Costa Del Mar Loreto ($199-$299)


Rocking a dynamic look that blends modern and classic styles, Costa Del Mar was able to make a truly fantastic product with the Loreto. These polarized, colorful glasses are perfect for anyone who wants to have a classy day on the water. They’re not great for high-octane water sports, but more than capable of handling high-speed runs across the lake. The Loreto is the right match for the Crownline 236 SC.


 Ray-Ban Clubmaster ($159)

Ray-Ban cornered the market on cool in the 1980s, with a little help from Tom Cruise, and they haven’t looked back. They’re an effortlessly hip brand that never crosses the line into tacky. Not all of their glasses are suitable for long days of boating, but the Clubmaster is a sleek and stylish way to look even better while navigating a new Crownline. The minimalist design goes a long way with this pair of glasses, and you’ll love the way they make you look. The Clubmaster perfectly pairs with one of our Sport Yachts.


Maui Jim Peahi ($229)

Maui Jim’s athletic-looking Peahi glasses give off a sense of strength. Maybe it’s the wider build or the high-performance polarized lenses—these models are just plain cool. They’re built for a good time with a sturdy enough structure to support water sports and a plastic frame that keeps them afloat. These glasses are easy to love and hard to lose. The Peahi complements the Crownline Surf Series quite well.


Oakley Frogskins ($129)

Oakley is a performance sunglasses brand, meaning they’re great for boating. The Frogskins are one of their more classic-looking products. Many Oakley glasses are on the cutting edge of style, often rocking huge lenses and bright colors. If you’re into that, make sure to check out their complete collection. If you just want a reliable pair of sunglasses that won’t slow you down, the Frogskins are for you. They’re a good match with the Crownline E235 XS.


Wiley X Black Ops Slay ($80)

Designed for water sports and cruising at high speeds, the Wiley X Slay is the ideal ambassador for their Black Ops collection. These sport glasses are well designed and well put together. They’re the most affordable sunglasses on the list, but perhaps the most technically built for action. Designed to be aerodynamic and form fitting, this pair will stay put as you cruise across the lake. The Slay is another great option for the Crownline Surf Series.