Having the best tow toy on the water is a surefire way to attract a crowd on the lake. Everyone loves a sweet tube or a crazy tow disk, and you don’t need much skill to use them. Tow toys are growing in popularity and mid-summer is the perfect time to discover and purchase the coolest ones on the water. Take a look at these sweet towables and get ready for a good time.


Giant Unicorn Inflatables ($70 – $500)


These are far and away the most popular water toy with the younger demographic. Ranging in size from one-person tubes to nine-foot-tall rafts, plenty of companies are manufacturing water unicorns, and plenty of people are snatching them up. From Midwest lakes to Southern resorts and all the way to Italian beaches, these unicorns have been spotted almost anywhere there’s water. They’re incredibly popular with millennials and routinely featured on celebrity Instagram accounts. The fad may end, but for now the unicorns seem to have plenty of magic keeping them going.


SportsStuff Super Mable ($299)


The Super Mable is a dynamic towable that gives riders high-speed fun with a backrest that allows you to either sit in the tube like a chair or use it as a brace (like the photo). The backrest can make the ride more relaxing, or it can take the excitement to a whole new level. And it’s incredibly easy to use. With connection points on either side, simply turn the tube whichever way you prefer and go.

Best Tow Toys

HO Sports RAD+ ($499)

 The RAD+ is a blast from the past that’s been updated to excel in the high-octane environment that is modern water sports. It’s not for everyone, but if you want a workout, then this is the towable for you. It’s not as hard as learning to wakeboard or water ski, but it’s a far cry from holding onto a tube. The RAD+ is made with PVC to provide enough support for riders to get up to speed, and the inflatable portion of the disk can be inflated to a rigid 20 psi for one quick ride. What really makes this towable so awesome are the four traction pads that will have you gliding across the water in no time.




SportsStuff High Roller ($180 – $499)

Perhaps the most appealing entry on this list is the High Roller. This towable throws you into action by mounting riders on saddle-like sections. Together they can control the path of the very fast and maneuverable toy—or fail spectacularly in the attempt. Coming in sizes that support two, three or four people and controlled by both the riders and the boat driver, few products offer such a vast range of dynamic action. It’s a great option for families that love a thrill.


World of Watersports XO Xtreme ($429)

 If you want a little bit of insanity mixed into your day, the XO Xtreme is a great place to start. Capable of completely inverting your riders, this tube is absolutely ridiculous. Created for up to three riders to test their skills at hanging onto a fast-moving tube while being suspended upside down, the XO Xtreme is essentially an inflatable challenge. It’s tough to get the hang of it, but once you survive a barrel roll, you’ll never want to stop.