Water Skiing season is a month or so away from tipping off and people are itching to break out their boats. Before you dip your skis in the water, it’s important to map out your next crownline vacation. Why not target some of the best water skiing lakes in the world? Here are our picks for the top seven water skiing spots in the US.

Lake Michigan


It’s big. It’s accessible. It’s a blast. Lake Michigan is the first lake we mention because so many people and states have access to it. Lined with beaches and marinas, it’s the ideal spot for Northerners to escape to when they want to ski. Typically, mid to late summer is the perfect time to get on the water, but thanks to this year’s higher temperatures you’ll be able to get a head start.

Lake Havasu


A gorgeous lake with a beautiful western Arizona backdrop, Havasu is an ultra-fun spot to go skiing. The community is fun and friendly, although a little wild for those who like to keep things calm. There are plenty of spots to rent skis and equipment and several great restaurants and bars for relaxing. The scenery is incredible, so be sure to pack a camera and binoculars.


Lake Tahoe


Tahoe is good for everything. It’s a paradise to virtually everyone who visits it. We could go on and on about how perfect of a lake it is, but we’re here to focus on waterskiing, for which Tahoe is absolutely amazing. First, there are plenty of rental locations for you to find great skis and to get your day on the water started off right. Second, Tahoe has three different water ski schools that you can attend or send your kids to. Beyond that, there is more than enough space for you to get up to speed. With almost exactly 200 square miles of gorgeous blue water, Tahoe is large and just downright beautiful.  Yep, water skiing is absolutely beloved at Tahoe. (Visit Cordova’s RV Travel World to pick up a new Crownline if you are in the area.)


Table Rock Lake


How could we not mention the Ozarks? Table Rock Lake is the best of the Ozarks when it comes to water sports. Find some friendly competitions with the locals and put your waterskiing skills to the test. This region offers just about everything both on and off the water, so if you start to get worn out, there’s always something else to keep you busy. It’s one of America’s favorite vacation spots for a reason; the area is huge, beautiful and warm. Prime skiing time is from late June to August.  (Visit Cope Marine while your in the area)


Lake George


Lake George is so many things: a luxury vacation spot, an outdoorsman’s dream, a quaint historical site, a romantic getaway, and a killer spot to ski in late summer. The Adirondack Mountains offer breathtaking scenery when you’re zipping across the water doing tricks. This is a hub for Northeastern city folk who like to escape, so you’ll find plenty of people who need to let off some steam with a good time. There are lots of places to pick up gear, and the food in the area is downright amazing.  ( You can see Crownline Dealers EZ Marine or Point Breeze Marina if your in the area)


Lake Lanier


Lake Lanier is a massive lake with 700 miles of shoreline. There are beautiful parks and beaches and a convenient number of boat ramps. Many people think of it as Atlanta’s lake, but the towns of Buford and Gainesville sit on the lakefront and offer all the amenities and Southern charm you would expect. The skiing is fantastic. There’s usually enough wind to make things interesting but not too tough. Plus, it’s warm enough to ski almost year-round.  (Nearest Crownline Dealer on the lake – Watersports Central)


Lake Cumberland


Boasting 1,25 miles of shoreline and crystal clear water, Lake Cumberland is an underappreciated location for all sorts of watersports. With four large marinas, plenty of ski rental locations and a range of restaurants, you have virtually everything you need for an awesome day on the water. With a vibrant, friendly culture of boaters, you’ll love these open water ways (Nearest Crownline Dealer – Moses Watersports)