If you’ve decided to take watersports to the next level with the Crownline Surf Series, then you’re going to need a new wakeboard. We’ve selected five of the best that—like a Crownline—offer incredible performance and will have you smiling from ear to ear.


  1. The Hyperlite State 2.0

Designed for everyone, this board lets both pros and amateurs elevate their game. The Hyperlite State 2.0’s design enhances your stance to give you optimal carving capabilities. The bottom’s rockerline minimizes drag and allows you to hit the wake with the perfect amount of power and precision.


SIZE (CM): 125/130/135/140/145
CORE: Foam
ROCKER TYPE: 3-Stage Hybrid

COST: $228 – $270


Hyperlite State

2. Ronix Vault Wakeboard 2017

The Ronix Vault does exactly what it says it will: vaults you to the next level. It’s more stable than most of the competitors and is specially crafted to give you additional grip. Shorter heelside fins provide a quicker release, allowing you to pull off even better spin tricks.


SIZE (CM): 128/134/139/144
CORE: Mod Pour

COST: $199 – $250


Ronix Vault Wakeboard



  1. Humanoid Team Meme

One of the coolest boards to be released in a long time, the Team Meme features unique style, a Paulownia wood core, light design, Ghost Stringers, a die-cut base, and Humanoid’s signature performance. It’s a higher level board, but wow—is it awesome.


SIZE (CM): 137/140/144/149
CORE: Paulownia Wood
ROCKER TYPE: Continuous

COST: $409 – $500

Humanoid Team Meme


  1. Ronix Happy Hour Modello 2018

Featuring an Italian design, sunny graphics and stellar performance, the Ronix Happy Hour Modello is sure to entertain. Designed for speed and soft landings, this board is a high-level masterpiece. It’s not for beginners, but once you’ve mastered this board, you’ll know you’ve reached the peak.


SIZE (CM): 135/139/143
CORE: Modello
ROCKER TYPE: Continuous


COST: $369

Ronix Happy Hour Modello



  1. Liquid Force Classic Wakeboard


The Liquid Force Classic brings time-tested design, contemporary style and advanced engineering to give you more than enough performance. It’s good for beginners and experts and is crafted to improve mobility, speed and stability. What’s not to like?


SIZE (CM): 130/134/138/142
CORE: Polyurethane
ROCKER TYPE: 3-Stage Hybrid


COST: $200 – $260


Liquid Force







We compiled this list based on the suggestions of pros and the reviews of the following publications. Check them out for more information on wakeboards and all watersports.