Boat shows are an absolute blast, and a Boat Show Guide will make your experience even better . Checking out the latest and greatest products from Crownline and your other favorite manufacturers is second only to being out on the water. Boat shows can also be a bit overwhelming, especially without a plan, so we’ve prepared a quick guide to make the best of your day at the show.

Make a Plan

Boat shows are designed to be fun, high-energy events that feature as many products and manufacturers as possible. It’s fine to get side-tracked, but make sure you have a plan going into the event. If you want to check out a specific boat, know the show’s layout so you’re not wasting time wandering. Even if you want to just explore and interact with exhibitors, get there early to beat the crowds and make the experience more relaxing. The shows are often in crowded city centers where parking is difficult and traffic is heavy, so add plenty of time to get to the event. And factor in some more time for standing in line for tickets and security.

Know Your Financials

If you’re looking to buy a new boat, have all your financials figured out before the show. It’s easy to get smitten with a beautiful new Crownline, so have everything organized and ready to close the deal. In addition to knowing your budget, be sure to factor in taxes, dealer costs and shipping.

Get Excited, but Not Too Excited

There are so many exciting and innovative products and boats at every show, but it’s perfectly fine to wait before you buy. Talk with the representatives about customizable options. And it’s always worth visiting a company’s website before you commit. This lets you see all the products available so you can find the perfect fit. You never want to buy the wrong boat when the right one is just a click away. Speaking of that, check out right now!

Explore, Then Explore Some More

Once you’ve checked off what you came to see, feel free to explore the show. There are tons of cool products from companies that specialize in all areas of the marine industry. Look for new toys and gadgets that will make your boating experience even better. Do a few laps to see if anything piques your interest.


Take Advantage of the Extras

Exhibitors and event centers offer a range of fun perks from basic food and drink options to virtual test drives, racing simulators, hands-on demos, visitor contests, raffle prizes, and much more. Each show offers something new and different. Whether or not you’re there to buy, boat shows are a great way to spend the day.