While some locations have limited boating due to the reduced operations of public and private marinas, there are still plenty of places to launch and enjoy your Crownline this spring. Obviously, boating can be one of the best forms of social distancing, and there are several ways to enjoy the water while keeping safe.

The above graphic by Sea Tow does a great job of spelling out the dos and don’ts of boating during this time. The most important rule is to only allow those in your immediate household on board. It’s nearly impossible to stay 6 feet apart on a boat, so always limit your passengers to the people you live with.

When you head out, go straight from your house to the boat. You want to limit all unnecessary contact with people. Ideally, you can hop off your own dock and head out to the water. If you do need to use a launch or marina, check with the owners to learn about safety protocols in place and follow the rules. Unfortunately, not all marinas and ramps will be open.

Once you’re on the water, maintain your distance from other boaters and no rafting boats together. If you get into trouble, emergency services are still available, but they may have altered schedules and reduced staff. It’s best to check with your local authorities before going out.

Lastly, no beaching your boat next to someone else. Don’t be complacent when you’re away from crowds. COVID-19 can still be transmitted even in remote locations. Keep your distance and look forward to the day when normalcy returns.


Happy Boating!