Boating With Dogs Safety Tips

It’s no secret that many boat owners like to bring their dog along for a day of fun on the water. What’s better than bringing your family pet along for a classic family outing? However, before you bring your favorite little companion on board, here are some tips you should consider.


  1. Have a Plan if Your Dog Goes Overboard: Just in case your canine falls in the water, make sure your whole crew knows a safe procedure to get them out. Cut the engine and designate a spot of the boat where you can get them out safely. A proper plan can quickly save your dog from potential harm.
  2. Invest In a Life Jacket: Not all dogs are strong swimmers, especially in tough conditions. Grabbing your pup a fitting life jacket is a safe way to avoid most issues on the water. Make sure to do research on the right size and fit of jacket for your dog. Most canine life vests come with specific instructions to help you keep your dog safe.
  3. Add Supplies to Your First-Aid Kit: Add some doggy supplies to your first-aid kit. The Humane Society recommends bringing an extra leash, self clinging bandages, a  and copies of your dog’s medical paperwork with you on your boat.
  4. Introduce Your Dog to Your Boat and the Water: Make sure your pet is comfortable with being on the boat and the water. Keep their first outings on the shorter side and build to longer trips.
  5. Know Local Laws About Boats and Dogs: Though there is no national law against it, some locations may have restrictions about dogs being on boats.
  6. Bring Water and Sunscreen: Make sure to keep your dog hydrated and protected against the sun. Bring a light SPF 15 spray to keep your pet safe.


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