12 Boating Safety Tips for Memorial Day Weekend—and Beyond

12 Boating Safety Tips for Memorial Day Weekend—and Beyond More people (newbies included) may be hitting the water this weekend than ever before. Here's how to stay safe while having fun out there. SOURCE: PASSAGEMAKER NEWSWIRE MAY 24, 2021 With new and used boat sales soaring to record highs in 2020 to first-time boat buyers, boating safety stakeholders are taking extra measures to communicate

12 Boating Safety Tips for Memorial Day Weekend—and Beyond2022-05-27T06:32:01-05:00

How to Start Boating: Breaking Down Barriers

How to Start Boating: Breaking Down Barriers Original article from DiscoverBoating.com "How do I start boating?"—it's a question that's often asked by many beginners at their initial discovery of the boating lifestyle. Many different issues can keep someone from becoming a boater, but the barriers you face are often a lot easier to overcome than you might think. The word “but” comes up a

How to Start Boating: Breaking Down Barriers2022-05-19T16:03:32-05:00

Spring Boating: 3 Ways to Prepare for Launch

Spring Boating: 3 Ways to Prepare for Launch Is it possible that summer gets too much credit? Sure, it’s when the sun shines the brightest and the weather is the warmest, but spring comes right after winter—which means spring is the most-anticipated boating season of the year. Especially in regions where winter snow and cold means no boating at all, spring boating is the

Spring Boating: 3 Ways to Prepare for Launch2022-03-10T16:23:37-06:00

Get Your Boat Cabin Ready for Winter

As winter sets in, now is the time to make sure your boat’s cabin is ready for frigid temperatures. Cabins can get musty and moldy if not properly cared for over the winter months. To set yourself up for great spring boating, follow these tips. REMOVE OLD FOOD AND LIQUIDS Lower temperatures mean frozen liquids. Remove anything that could freeze, especially liquids in glass

Get Your Boat Cabin Ready for Winter2021-11-18T13:03:23-06:00

Know Your Boats

There are a lot of different types of boats out there, and no one type meets all needs for all people. At Crownline, we strive to create a large variety of options to appeal to boaters’ wants and needs. If you’re new to boating, it can be hard to know where to begin. While any of our dealers would be more than happy to

Know Your Boats2021-11-08T13:17:54-06:00

Increase Your Boat’s Fuel Economy

A boat's fuel economy is one of the biggest concerns among boaters. Yet, much of a boat’s fuel usage is dictated by a boater’s own behavior. BOATERS CAN DO MANY THINGS ON THEIR OWN TO CUT DOWN ON FUEL USAGE. HERE ARE A FEW OF THEM. Don’t idle. Boaters tend to spend a lot of time idling at the dock; this just

Increase Your Boat’s Fuel Economy2021-09-16T17:47:13-05:00

Top 5 States For Winter Boating

Top 5 States for Winter Boating Surviving the winter without boating is tough. The unfortunate state of being for most boaters is that at least 25 percent of the year is wasted due to ice and cold weather. However, a large portion of the country is still open for boating and a perfect setting for a winter getaway. Look, this has

Top 5 States For Winter Boating2021-01-08T14:48:44-06:00

A Guide to Watersport Safety

A Guide to Watersport Safety Watersports have come a long way over the years. As boats get more powerful and technology continues to advance (just check out the Crownline Surf Series for proof), athletes can perform more and more impressive feats. Of course, these stunts can also become more dangerous if proper safety measures are not followed. Today, we’re going to go over

A Guide to Watersport Safety2021-01-29T14:01:30-06:00

Showcasing Crownline’s E285

Showcasing the Crownline E 285 The stunning Crownline E 285 is simply one of the most entertaining boats on the water today. Sophisticated styling, high-powered performance, deluxe comfort, and impressive amenities make this one of the best all-around boats at the marina. Let’s dive into what makes the E 285 such an outstanding vessel. Starting with the boat’s jaw-dropping design, the E 285 is styled

Showcasing Crownline’s E2852020-07-27T15:25:50-05:00

5 Best Cities to Watch Fourth of July Fireworks

The Best Cities to Celebrate the Fourth in Your Boat There won’t be nearly as many fireworks for Fourth of July celebrations this year, but there are still plenty of ways to safely enjoy some great cities and celebrate Independence Day on the water. Most of the larger fireworks shows are canceled in an effort to discourage large gatherings, but many smaller displays are still

5 Best Cities to Watch Fourth of July Fireworks2020-07-02T13:40:50-05:00
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