In some areas of the country, Christmas lights are for more than just your house; they’re the perfect way to celebrate the season on your boat! From contests and parades to personal displays at the marina, there are so many reasons to light up your Crownline. Today, we’re offering tips for a showstopping nautical light display. So, grab some string lights, wire, and a roll of tape, and let’s get started.

1. Play to Your Boat’s Strengths

Boat lights


Don’t try to shoehorn a complicated design onto your boat. Crownline boats are known for their sleek, stylish lines and athletic build, and your lights should complement those contours. Leave the towering designs to the sailboats. Instead, focus on crafting a horizontal light show. You can definitely use your boat’s tower as a vertical design element, but you won’t want to build anything much higher than that.

2. Don’t Burden Your Boat

 Boat Lights


You should obviously expect some performance limitations when designing a floating light show, even if it’s unlikely that you’ll be bombing across the water at 40 mph. Beyond weighing your boat down with heavy support and design elements, lights draw a lot of power. The last thing you want to do is overtax your battery and get stuck out on the water. Remember to avoid displays that are too wide or too tall for your docks, marina, or any bridges. And finally, make sure everything is secure. You don’t want any elements falling off and harming local ecosystems.

3. Be Smart When Applying Elements to Your Boat

 Boat Lights


Don’t use adhesives that will harm your boat’s finish or the environment when building your light display. Use tape to hold everything together. Duct tape works well, but you might need a gentle adhesive remover when you take everything down. Use wire to shape designs or letters. And please, don’t let any electrical pieces hang low enough to get damaged by the water.

4. Get Ready for the Cold

 Boat Cold


It’s winter, and even in milder climates, it’s still cold. Make sure your boat and your display are ready for any sudden changes in weather.

5. Be Proud

Make something you’re proud to display. Get your friends and family together to sketch out a design and organize supplies. You could highlight a favorite sports team or city or stay true to a subject or color theme. “Go Vikings!” to “An Evening in Paris” to “Santa and His Reindeer”—whatever you do, make it your own and enjoy this festive season!