Don’t use the busy Christmas holidays as an excuse not to get out on your Crownline and celebrate the season. If you live in place where the weather is warm, why not host a festive holiday party on the water? Here are a few tips:

1. Invite Your Friends and Family


Obviously, family and friends are the key to a great holiday party, but make sure not to exceed the passenger capacity of your boat. The last thing you want is to have the authorities crash the festivities. Thankfully, Crownline boats are decked out with plenty of room for a large gathering. If you have any questions about your boat’s capacity, check out your model’s specs at

2. Decorate

Get a Christmas Tree — Don’t be afraid to be festive. There are plenty of battery-powered options that are simple and portable, allowing you to maximize style and keep lots of open space on board.

Hang Up Some Stockings — Everyone loves stocking stuffers. Fill them with fun party favors or personalized gifts. We suggest getting something from the Crownline Gear Store.

Set the Scene with Festive Lights — Battery-powered lights are cheap and take the party to the next level. Keep it low-key with soft white lights or go all out with a stunning multi-colored display.

3. Make Your Favorite Food and Drinks

The food and drinks can make or break a party. Here are two holiday options that are easy to prepare and sure to be a hit.

(photo from

Cranberry Old Fashioned Christmas Cocktail (from Inspired by Charm)

  1. With a spoon, mash an orange wedge, sugar and bitters against the bottom and sides of an Old Fashioned glass.

  2. Fill the glass with ice.

  3. Add your favorite bourbon.

  4. Slowly stir in cranberry sauce.

  5. Add a bit of club soda.

  6. Add a holiday garnish (like an orange twist and a couple of cranberries).

For your meal, make use of your onboard grill by whipping up some Christmas burgers. Rachael Ray just came out with a great new recipe.

  1. Cook up some caramelized onions in a pan.

  2. Season the patties (meat or veggie) to your liking.

  3. Fill each patty with a bit of blue cheese.

  4. Heat cranberry sauce in a small saucepan. Once heated, mix in a small amount of Dijon mustard for a little bit of sweet-and-spicy flavor.

  5. Cook the patties on the grill.

  6. When completed, build the burgers with the bun on the bottom, then a small amount of cranberry sauce, lettuce, the burger, onions, top with more cranberry sauce, and then the bun top.

Here’s a link to the complete recipe. The final product should look like this:

(image from

4. Choose a Holiday Playlist


The last thing you need for your party is the perfect playlist to get everyone in the holiday mood. Michael Bublé to Mariah Carey, there are so many Christmas tunes at your disposal. It’s fun to mix in the classics, but one way to avoid listening to the same old songs is to find new covers by modern artists.

Christmas Pop is a nice, curated, Spotify playlist that will surely get the party going. Or try this Rock and Roll selection. Here’s even a Hip Hop Holiday playlist you might like. Dig around a bit on your favorite music app to find a playlist that suits your gathering.