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9/19/2018 The lustrous, Forte gelcoat design (full hull band with accent color stripe and middle deck band with color matched deck vents) coupled with the stainless-steel accents draws your attention to the sporty, sexy profile of the new 265 SS Crownline bowrider.  However, don’t let the sleek style lines fool you.  This is not a small boat.  The gorgeous silhouette [...]

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A Visit to Madison, Indiana

  Madison, Indiana, is an essential stop for Crownline owners who enjoy river boating. This beautiful town sits on the Ohio River and has an incredible collection of well-preserved Federal and Greek Revival buildings dating from the mid-1800’s antebellum period. In 2006, the majority of the downtown area—133 blocks—was designated the largest contiguous National Historic Landmark in the U.S. On [...]

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Christen Your Crownline

Christening a boat can be viewed as superstitious or just an excuse to get your friends over to have a good time. Regardless of your views on superstition, it should be as much fun as possible, especially if you’re christening a new Crownline. In this post, we’ll go over some of the best practices and offer suggestions on how to [...]

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Visiting Lake Okoboji

Iowa gets a bad wrap when it comes to boating. Sandwiched between two big boating states, it’s easy to see how people view Iowa as the middle child of Midwest water fun. However, a few particularly fun lake and river communities offer a variety of aquatic options for the Hawkeye State. The most popular of these communities is undoubtedly Lake [...]

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