Crownline boats are perfect for fall boating, especially if you have a cabin! Breathe in the crisp fall air while basking in the beauty of the changing leaves and calm water. It’s a perfect combination. Few places do fall boating better than Meredith, New Hampshire. It’s a beautiful, nostalgic town that is sure to bring out the little kid in you. Meredith sits on northwest side of Lake Winnipesaukee and exudes a summer-camp-like aura. The mountainous background, welcoming lake and lush trees are an invitation to tap-into your adventurous side and explore the area, both on foot and by boat. Meredith is an ideal spot for a fall Crownline vacation.

Lake Winnipesaukee is teeming with islands ready to be explored. Jump in your Crownline and island-hop like you’ve always wanted to. The lake is roughly 70 sq miles in size. It’s big, but it’s not too big to explore. In fact, it’s perfectly sized so you can get your boat up to speed when you want to and just putz around when it’s time to relax. We highly recommend exploring Bear Island. It’s a scenic hiking spot. Explore the island’s authentic New England forest and discover Saint John’s Church, a beautiful 1920s wood and stone church, as well as a range of hiking trails. It’s a picture perfect place for an afternoon hike.

Fall Vacation

Another fun spot for you and your Crownline is the Meredith Town Docks, where you can take in the scenic beauty of the Meredith, New Hampshire, waterfront and mountainous backdrop. You can hang out in the bay on your boat or walk along the shoreline and take in the town’s sculpture walk.  Close by is the Mill Falls Marketplace, which is an ideal spot to shop, eat, and stay. The Mill Falls Inn features a gorgeous waterfall, cape style architecture and quaint rooms. Stop by a number of shops for just about anything; shoes, clothes, comics, crafts, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and some amazing crepes. Swing by 48 Main cafe and Creperie and chow down on their sweet and savory crepes. You won’t regret it.  The smoked texas pulled pork crepe is practically the perfect meal.

Fall Vacation

When it’s time to eat a meal that doesn’t necessarily involve a crepe, head over to Hart’s Turkey Farm for year round Thanksgiving fixings. It’s a popular spot that you need to visit while you’re there. The meals are all homemade and the atmosphere will remind you of your grandma’s house. If you’re looking for seafood the Tamarack has a great Lobster Roll. Of course, like most towns, there’s a great pizza option, as well. In fact, Giuseppe’s Pizzeria and Ristorante is much better than your typical small town pizzeria. With pasta plates you’ll absolutely love, great appetizers, and a fantastic range of high quality pizza, Giuseppe’s is a logical choice for a nice lunch or dinner.

Meredith is a lovely, nostalgic community that values fun, food, history, and boating. Simply put, it’s an ideal spot to visit. The fall colors are especially vibrant during the middle of October, so it’s time to get your Crownline there right now!

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