Crownline Thanksgiving 2020

Like almost everything else, Thanksgiving is going to look a little different in 2020. Massive family celebrations have become a risk on top of being a welcome reunion with loved ones. Gathering indoors is now dangerous, especially with shared food, and older people are especially at risk to COVID-19. All in all, it’s a terrible situation. Fortunately, in some parts of the country families will safely be able to gather on board a Crownline as long as they follow a couple guidelines. Here are some tips for a Crownline Thanksgiving!


As laws vary around the country, it’s imperative that you follow your local laws and guidelines. Getting arrested or bothered by the police is an especially unpleasant situation on Thanksgiving. Make sure you are up to date on local laws and ordinances before you head out on the water.


Even when outdoors, you should keep your gatherings socially distanced and masked when close to one another, unless you live with your guests. This means that gathering around a cockpit and seating spaces can definitely be done with a little coordination. People in the same household don’t have to socially distance themselves, so squeezing them together allows you more space for people to gather. In general, it is harder to catch the virus outdoors, BUT it is not impossible, so be diligent and try your best to protect your loved ones.


When preparing and serving food make sure the cook is masked and wearing gloves or consistently sanitizing their hands. Food should be plated individually and not served family-style. This greatly reduces the risk of contamination and provides more seating space for individuals. It’s best to cook food before you enter the confined space of your boat’s galley kitchen. Also consider using individually packaged food items when possible.


You can greatly reduce the risk of infection if you quarantine for 14 days before or after your gathering. It’s not a bad idea to take a little boating vacation after your Thanksgiving, it’s the safe thing to do and it’s incredibly important to have some fun.

All in all, this will be a tough Thanksgiving for many people. So be sure to be smart, thankful, and courteous. Together we will get through this and with a small amount of effort on all of our part, we’ll be able to safely gather in 2021.