Curling up with a Good Boating Book

Checking out the latest boating news, boat shows, videos, and boat releases are great distractions when you are stuck on land, but staying entertained with a good book is hard to beat. Reading a book with a nautical theme? Well, that sounds pretty darned perfect. Here are a few of our favorite boating books:

1. The Old Man and the Sea

 The Old Man and the Sea Book Cover

Books about elderly gentlemen fighting iron-willed fish are usually good reads. Moby Dick is an awesome story, but most would agree it’s quite a slog for long sections. The Old Man and the Sea, on the other hand, is a relatively short novel that everyone should check off their must-read list. It’s an inspiring and heartwarming tale about, you guessed it, an old man fishing…in the sea. Ernest Hemingway is one of America’s all-time greats, and his gruff writing style is on full display in this mid-twentieth-century classic. Come for the cool boating story, stay for the themes of redemption, aging and perseverance.


  1. Boats: Fast & Slow

Boats, fast and slow book cover

This children’s book is sure to get any child hooked on boats. It explores the history of boats across many cultures and is a fascinating historical picture book for people of all ages. As an adult, it’s a good way to learn something interesting while bonding with your child.


  1. Powerboat Care and Repair

powerboat care and repair book cover


Learn how to get the most out of your powerboat with this book. It’s perfect for Crownline owners who want to maximize their experience. Get to know more about engine and boat maintenance, storage techniques, and many other topics that will have you feeling like even more of a boating expert than you already are. It’s also an awesome gift for new boaters.


  1. Marine Diesel Basics

Marine Diesel Basics book cover

Another guide to getting the best out of your boat, Marine Diesel Basics is about as handy as any manual can be. With clear illustrations and straightforward explanations, it’s great for boaters of all levels. Learning about diesel engines isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this book makes it as interesting as possible as you learn to maximize your engine, battery life and your time on the water.


  1. Yacht Were You Thinking?: An A-Z of Boat Names Good and Bad

Yacht were you thinking book cover

Naming your boat can be fun. Your choice can be a massive mistake. Here’s a humorous deep dive into the best and worst of boat names. Read it to get ideas, laugh or reconsider your past decisions.


  1. The Ultimate Guide to Motor Boats

The ultimate guide to motor boats book cover

This book is an awesome collection of information on American motorboats. It’s packed with stuff you didn’t know and is a classic and fascinating exploration of American boating culture. Published in 2004, it definitely needs an update, but the history portion and vast amount of interesting material makes it worth reading.


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