Boaters Date Guide

For lovebirds, Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to show affection. For everyone else, it’s a perfect day to avoid all the hearts, chocolates and flowers and relax in your Crownline. We have the perfect date guide whatever your relationship status, boating is always the best way to celebrate.  We have some great suggestions whether you are coupled up, or single.


Date Idea #1: Sunset Cocktail Cruise

Cocktail Cruise

Get cozy with your sweetheart and pop a bottle of champagne on board your Crownline. Grab your favorite drink and cast off after work. Head straight to your favorite spot, stay close to shore, or explore someplace new. It doesn’t really matter where you go as long as your attention is focused on each other.

Single Idea #1: Water Sports


Round up some friends (heck, even bring fun couples along) and hit the wake. Our boats are decked out to deliver an awesome sporting experience. If you’re single, don’t just sit around and mope on Valentine’s Day. Get out there and shred!


Date Idea #2: Onboard Dinner

E285 Grill

Score some major points with your significant other with a sunset cruise on the lake. Drive out to a scenic spot and nosh on some homemade cuisine. You can use Crownline’s grill to make a meal together. Get adventurous with a new recipe, or stick with a favorite, then sit back and take in the evening.


Single Idea #2: Fishing


Bond with a buddy or go it alone, fishing is a great way to spend a Valentine’s Day. The lake is quiet, the hot spots will be open, and the conditions may be just right for you to get lucky and bag a record catch.


Date Idea #3: Weekend at the Beach House

Lake House

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a beach house or cabin that isn’t covered in snow and ice, make it a destination for a romantic holiday. Nothing beats an intimate and memorable getaway weekend on the water.


Single Idea #3: Restaurant Dock Hop

Dockside Restaurant

Make the day or evening a traveling boat party. Pick up friends and find new places to eat and drink. There’s so much on-the-water entertainment to experience, so get out and enjoy all the new waterfront development while people are stuck inside with their dates.