Read all about it!  Boating Magazine reviews the E29 XS, and we love what they have to say. Here’s a preview of the article:


The new Crownline E29 XS is a thoroughly modern boat, but operating it evokes memories of driving a vintage Mustang convertible: It can flex like a muscle car, but its sporty lines give it serious sex appeal. When we pushed down the throttles, the first thing that struck us was how quickly the twin Yamaha F250s pushed 4 tons of boat onto plane — 3.8 seconds. We also marveled at the minimal bow rise; outboards move the center of gravity farther aft than sterndrive installations, and many larger boats that have been converted struggle with squatting issues coming out of the hole. The E29 XS did not. When we made hard-over turns at speed, the nimble bowrider responded gracefully with no blowout or prop slippage. Crownline would credit this boat’s performance to its F.A.S.T. Tab hull design, which includes vented chines, vortex generators, a delta pad and molded-in “fins” that help reduce drag and increase stability and efficiency. We’ll give the company credit where credit is due. The ride is sweet. We pushed the boat close to 56 mph with the twin 250s. Crownline says that with the twin 300 hp upgrade, the boat is capable of surpassing a crisp 60 mph.

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