An afternoon swim around a dock can easily become deadly with a killer you can’t see or hear.

Protect your family from Electric Shock Drowning (ESD).

It’s the silent killer of every boating season, but it can be prevented. ESD can occur when low levels of electric current from nearby boats or dock wiring pass through the water and into a swimmer’s body causing temporary paralysis and drowning. High levels of electric current can also result in electrocution. ESD can occur in ANY public or private marina or dock.

To prevent the tragedy of ESD:

  1. NEVER swim near marinas or docks.
  2. Have your boat inspected by a qualified electrician with current ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council) electrical certification to ensure that it is not leaking AC current.
  3. Make sure your marina has installed GFCI’s on all shore power pedestals and marina wiring circuits, is regularly inspected by qualified electricians, and has signs posted warning of the danger of ESD.
  4. If you feel a tingly sensation while swimming, immediately swim away from the dock.
  5. If you witness ESD—turn off the power, throw a life ring, and move the person away with a nonconductive object. DO NOT jump into the water.


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